Fortune Favors the Brave


This is a sort of hand lettering print I did that I’m planning on making actual prints out of by scanning into Photoshop and recoloring it with a few different color palettes.

There’s definitely been a trend on etsy of artists and illustrators who like to do their own hand lettering and make prints to sell for around $20 or so. So I figured that might be another fun thing to make and sell in my own etsy shop, surpriselilydesigns. I have a few other little illustrations I’ve done, one of a cat drinking tea and another of a peacock feather that I would like to make into prints, and hopefully as the year goes on I’ll find time to make even more besides that.

If you’re ever interested in purchasing any of these prints, or see a drawing on here that you think would make a cool print, feel free to let me know, either on my blog here or my etsy shop here. I’m planning on printing them on high quality, archival paper in sizes 8 1/2″x11″ and possibly 11″x17″.

So anyway, I just decided to do a work featuring a quote that I really like, that I feel sort of sums up the funny way that life works. Be bold, be brave, and good things will happen. Plus it has such an elegant composition, which made it very fun to illustrate. Hopefully I’ll get around to doing some more soon, and if anyone has a quote that they like that they maybe would like to see illustrated, let me know!


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